5. Indices

5.1. Glossary

The Worldwide harmonised Light duty vehicles Test Procedure, a GRPE informal working group
The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, which has assumed the steering role on the WLTP.
UNECE Working party on Pollution and Energy – Transport Programme
Global Technical Regulation
The family of the 3 pre-defined driving-cycles to use for each vehicle depending on its PMR. Classes 1,2 & 3 are split in 2, 4 and 4 parts respectively.
The rated_power / unladen_mass of the vehicle
Unladen mass
UM or Curb weight, the weight of the vehicle in running order minus the mass of the driver.
Test mass
TM, the representative weight of the vehicle used as input for the calculations of the simulation, derived by interpolating between high and low values for the CO2-family of the vehicle.
Reduction of the top-velocity of the original drive trace to be followed, to ensure that the vehicle is not driven in an unduly high proportion of “full throttle”.

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