4. Changes

4.1. Known deficiencies

  • (!) Driveability-rules not ordered as defined in the latest task-force meeting.
  • (!) The n_min_drive is not calculated as defined in the latest task-force meeting, along with other recent updates.
  • (!) Does not discriminate between Unladen mass and Test mass.
  • Clutching-points and therefore engine-speed are very preliminary.
  • Results are not yet compared with the new wltp_db sample-vehicles.

4.2. TODOs

  • Add cmd-line front-end.
  • Add IPython front-end.
  • No automatic calculation of masses and road-load coefficients from H & L vehicles.

4.3. Changelog

4.3.1. v0.0.8-alpha, 04-Aug-2014

  • Documentation fixes.

4.3.2. v0.0.7-alpha, 31-Jul-2014: 1st public

  • Rename project to ‘wltp’.

  • Switch license from AGPL –> EUPL (the same license assumed retrospectively for older version)

  • Add wltp_db files.

  • Unify instances & schemas in model.py.

  • Possible to Build as standalone .exe using cx_freeze.

  • Preparations for PyPI/github distribution.
    • Rename project to “wltp”.
    • Prepare Sphinx documentation for http://readthedocs.org.
    • Update setup.py
    • Update project-coordinates (authors, etc)

4.3.3. v0.0.6-alpha, 5-Feb-2014

  • Make it build as standalone .exe using cx_freeze.
  • Possible to transplant base-gears and then apply on them driveability-rules.
  • Embed Model –> Experiment to simplify client-code.
  • Changes in the data-schema for facilitating conditional runs.
  • More reverse-engineered comparisons with heinz’s data.

4.3.4. v0.0.5-alpha, 18-Feb-2014

  • Many driveability-improvements found by trial-n-error comparing with Heinz’s.
  • Changes in the data-schema for facilitating storing of tabular-data.
  • Use Euro6 polynomial full_load_curve from Fontaras.
  • Smooth-away INALID-GEARS.
  • Make the plottings of comparisons of sample-vehicle with Heinz’results interactively report driveability-rules.

4.3.5. v0.0.4.alpha, 18-Jan-2014

  • Starting to compare with Heinz’s data - FOUND DISCREPANCIES IMPLTYING ERROR IN BASE CALCS.
  • Test-enhancements and code for comparing with older runs to track algo behavior.
  • Calc ‘V_real’.
  • Also report RPMS, P_REQ, DIRVEABILITY results.
  • Make v_max optionally calculated from max_gear / gear_ratios.
  • BUGFIX: in P_AVAIL 100% percents were mixed [0, 1] ratios!
  • BUGFIX: make goodVehicle a function to avoid mutation side-effects.
  • BUGFIX: add forgotten division on p_required Accel/3.6.
  • BUGFIX: velocity-profile mistakenly rounded to integers!
  • BUGFIX: v_max calculation based on n_rated (not 1.2 * n_rated).
  • FIXME: get default_load_curve floats from Heinz-db.
  • FIXME: what to to with INVALID-GEARS?

4.3.6. v0.0.3_alpha, 22-Jan-2014

  • -Driveability rules not-implemented:
    • missing some conditions for rule-f.
    • no test-cases.
    • No velocity_real.
    • No preparation calculations (eg. vehicle test-mass).
    • Still unchecked for correctness of results.
  • -Pending Experiment tasks:
    • FIXME: Apply rule(e) also for any initial/final gear (not just for i-1).
    • FIXME: move V–0 into own gear.
    • FIXME: move V–0 into own gear.
    • FIXME: NOVATIVE rule: “Clutching gear-2 only when Decelerating.”.
    • FIXME: What to do if no gear foudn for the combination of Power/Revs??
    • NOTE: “interpratation” of specs for Gear-2
    • NOTE: Rule(A) not needed inside x2 loop.
    • NOTE: rule(b2): Applying it only on non-flats may leave gear for less than 3sec!
    • NOTE: Rule(c) should be the last rule to run, outside x2 loop.
    • NOTE: Rule(f): What if extra conditions unsatisfied? Allow shifting for 1 sec only??
    • TODO: Construct a matrix of n_min_drive for all gears, including exceptions for gears 1 & 2.
    • TODO: Prepend row for idle-gear in N_GEARS
    • TODO: Rule(f) implement further constraints.
    • TODO: Simplify V_real calc by avoiding multiply all.

4.3.7. v0.0.2_alpha, 7-Jan-2014

  • -Still unchecked for correctness of results.

4.3.8. v0.0.1, 6-Jan-2014: Alpha release

  • -Unchecked for correctness.
  • Runs OK.
  • Project with python-packages and test-cases.
  • Tidied code.
  • Selects appropriate classes.
  • Detects and applies downscale.
  • Interpreted and implemented the nonsensical specs concerning n_min engine-revolutions for gear-2 (Annex 2-3.2, p71).
  • -Not implemented yet driveability rules.
  • -Does not output real_velocity yet - inly gears.

4.3.9. v0.0.0, 11-Dec-2013: Inception stage

  • Mostly setup.py work, README and help.